Where's Mum and Dad?

As Middlesbrough‘s favourite son, Chris Kamara, would say, “Unbelievable, Jeff!” as the first month of 2009 draws to a close.  Time seems to rush by so quickly and so it has been with this week.  Why does a week’s worth of annual leave speed by compared to a working week?  As Einstein would explain: that’s relativity!

What is unbelievable too, is that it seems that Éowyn is logging on and reading this blog.  If you recall, I said: “After weeks of milestones, this week has been a little on the quiet side.” Well, this week she has moved forward again.  She appears to be at stage two in preparation for crawling.  Her T.J. Hooker rolls, have more momentum and now she tucks her legs under her body.  Fortunately, for Mum and Dad, she still doesn’t have the arm strength to achieve the classic crawl stance, but it will not be long I fear.  She has also begun to become very interested in toys and playing with them, as you can see from the photos below and on the Flickr page.  I think she has inherited her dad’s view that if there is a button and you don’t know what it does, the best way to find out is to press it.   Don’t knock it, I’m making a career out of it.

However Éowyn‘s biggest leap forward of the week is probably her increasing chatting.  In truth, it is just a steady stream of random vowels and consonants but like a Rorschach inkblot test your ears convince you that she has said something coherent or relevant to your conversation.  It is quite funny just to listen to her mumbling away, and it is quite amusing that she has no control over the volume of her voice; one minute it is a whisper and the next she is shouting at the top of her voice.

There was another step forward this week too: myself and Lucinda managed to go out on a date without Éowyn.  We had gone up to visit Nanny Fran and asked her if she would look after Éowyn while we went out.  I don’t think that it took mom a lot of convincing, in fact I think that it took us more convincing that she would be alright.  New parent syndrome!  We were only out a couple of hours and we spent the first hour or so, thinking how odd it was that she wasn’t with us.  Nanny Fran though put our minds at rest with a couple of text messages, which meant that we could relax and watch Slumdog Millionaire, a brilliant, but in places a disturbing film.  Without spoiling it for those that haven’t seen it, one of the more amusing scenes was went they were at the Taj Mahal, and the romantic in us commented on the synchronicity of this considering we were engaged at the Taj Mahal, and this was our first date since Éowyn‘s birth.

Nanny Fran, hadn’t seen Éowyn for a month so she noticed big changes, while Éowyn too was more aware of changed surroundings.  I notice big differences on days when I have been working, so for those of you that haven’t seen her for a while she must come on leaps and bounds when you see her.  She has been coming on leaps and bounds in the weight catergory too.  We have been a little worried over the last few visits as she has not been putting on the expected weight gain, but this week she has put on 6oz and so now tips the scales at 13lb 11oz (6.209kgs).  Her increased activity is slowing her weight gain but at least she is now heading in the right direction.

Please enjoy the photos (and the new ones on Flickr)

Love and peace