Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Okay, we need to mention the weather.  Yesterday Britain suffered a significant snow fall, the worst (or best depending on your point of view) in London for 18 years.  It is amazing how poor Britain (and especially the South East) is at handling a little inclement weather.  The whole infrastructure of London ground to a halt.  Only a few hardy (or should that be foolhardy) individuals made it in to work.

I am not sure how I feel about this.  Should we reward people for making it into work?  Should we punish people that didn’t?  Should the country invest in equipment to ensure that there is little disruption to the country?  I’m sure that we all have own views and it is probably somewhere between the extremes.  Although I think it is frustrating that you get no thanks for coming into work; perhaps that is because I am one of the foolhardy individuals that feel a sense of loyalty to make it into work.

However, the heart-warming side of the snow, was watching fathers building snowmen with their children and spontaneous snowball fights in the streets, and although I was at work, it didn’t stop us.  A 12:45 snowball fight was duly arranged by work e-mail and it is frightening how much exercise is involved in a snowball fight and how unfit we all were.  However the snow was perfect snowball snow, light and fluffy with enough moisture to stick together easily. So after 30 minutes of running round like idiots we decided to build a snowman.  Again the snow helped and it was not long before we had a 7 foot high snowman  (see photos below).

I am a big fan of snow, probably due to the childhood memories it brings of snowball fights, building snowmen and having days off school.  My only disappointment was that Éowyn was too young to appreciate the winter bonus.  Perhaps next year…