A quiet week

After weeks of milestones, this week has been a little on the quiet side. In all fairness I think that is to be expected, she needs to practise the things that she can do before moving on, and we, as parents, need to catch up before she begins to do something else. She is, however, very proud of the things she can do. Whenever you put her down she starts to roll, so we now have to be careful were we put her and for how long. I thought she was supposed to be stationary at this stage!

Although Éowyn has been quiet on the milestone front, she has not been that quiet volume-wise. She is still teething and when the pain kicks in she lets you know. Fortunately she has been very good during the night, if you define night as being from about midnight to when I get up to go to work (06:00), but has not been sleeping much during the day.  So it is fortuitous that I have taken this week off work, notionally just to spend some family time together and to take the strain off Lucinda.  The beauty of shift work allows me to take 2 days annual leave and yield 7 days at home.  So with this opportunity to support Lucinda in Éowyn‘s development we have implemented a new regime, in order to attempt to get some mommy and daddy time in the evening.  I suppose I am in two minds about this, as it will be good to get a little time to ourselves, and more sleep for Eowyn but days when I am at work I will not get to see my little daughter (awake).  I’ll just have to take more weeks off!

A side effect of Éowyn‘s tendency to roll whenever you put her down is that we have had to buy her a baby sleeping bag.  This way she will not be able to kick the covers off (which wakes her up because she is cold); wrap herself up in her blanket (which wakes her up) or get her leg caught through the railings of her cot (which definitely wakes her up).  There are a clever design, in so much as there are little armholes so that she can not either wiggle down under the covers or kick it off.  They are also tog rated so that you don’t need a blanket on top.  As with the sleepsuits it is a shame that they don’t make them adult sized!

You will notice that I have updated a number of the pages under the ‘Major Events’ heading on the right hand side.  The ‘Welcome’ page is a little more in depth and ‘Éowyn Vera Bagnall’ has information about her birth and her name, if any of you are interested.  I have also been learning some basic html and there are plenty of links both in the aforementioned text and in a dedicated box at the bottom of the right hand side under the heading ‘Sites of Interest”.  I will perhaps add to these or change them, when the mood takes me.

I have waffled enough enjoy the latest photos (there are a couple of new ones on Flickr too)

Love and Peace