New Look for 2017

Very occasionally there is an update that is not about family Bagnall and this is one of them.  Occasionally there is an update that has no photos; this is one of them, too.  This update is merely an introduction to our new look.  I promised a new look for 2017 and although I do not do New Year resolutions this is a promise that I have decided to honour.  It was about time that I changed the look of this website, for this is the first major change since January 2009 and this post A quiet week (not including the move to private server in September 2010 and this post). 

One of the first things you will notice about the new change is that the header image has been changed as, too, has the site’s colour scheme.  The old image of the beach huts along the cob at Lyme Regis has been replaced by the view across Lyme Bay towards Golden Cap (unless you are reading this in the future where it may have been replaced by some equally impressive view), while the green theme has been replaced by purple.  There is also a search icon in the top right of the page where you search the site for something of interest on our site.

Then there is the power of three.  On the home page there is a summary of three of the main pages as well as summaries of the last three updates.  In the side bar there are the titles of the last three updates; the titles of the three current favourite posts and the last three photos that I have uploaded to our Flickr account.

Under each summary there is a read more link.  Clicking on this read more link will open the whole of the post (or page) for you to read and enjoy along with the associated photos.  Then at the end of each post there will a number of related posts to tempt you to read with an associated photo to make it even more tempting.    This is all coupled with an attempt to make the website work more comfortably on mobile phones and tablets, and thus will have a slightly different look to that displayed by computers.

There will, no doubt, be plenty of tinkering with this new theme over the next few weeks as I work out new formatting and whether to make it a little less busy.  I will also welcome feedback from you, dear readers regarding your feelings about the website and whether it works from your experience.  I trust it will.

The interesting thing about this post is that although it introduces the update to the website, interestingly because the update affects all of the website, including all the archive posts, it loses its meaning as soon as you all look at the website.  Anyone looking back at this post in the future will wonder what all the fuss is about.  Nevertheless, there will be many posts throughout this year (and years to come) to keep you entertained that will definitely keep their meaning through the years.

Welcome to 2017.

Peace and Love