I've got five minutes…

It literally is only five minutes or so (OK about half an hour) on only my second day off work this month and it is raining.  Therefore the lawn can wait to be mowed and I can take the opportunity to write a quick update.

Since work is full occupying my time at the moment (up to 18 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week – the glamour of television) I am not seeing an awful amount of either Lucinda or Éowyn and so I will have to regale a couple of tales second hand.

Éowyn is definitely growing up fast and seems quite advanced for her age.  She is only just 22 months old but has a vocabulary of at least 75 words and probably over 100.  She can string words together to make simple sentence.  Can recognise colours, shapes, numbers, animals, my car (and other cars of the same model) and Lucinda’s car (and likewise other cars of the same model), count to fourteen (?!) and is beginning to say her a,b,c’s.

Lucinda and Éowyn paid a visit to Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz during my mad build up to the channel launch as she still is having difficulty getting about due to her knee injury and certainly can not drive to come and visit us.  This was a change from Skyping Nanny Fran that we try to do once a week.  I think Éowyn wore Nanny Fran out, keeping her on the go for the entire time she was there.  She also astounded her Nanny with her ability to recognise numbers and to go one stage further.  Éowyn picked up one of her number blcoks and said “Number 9, Nanny.”  Nanny Fran replied that it was and that she was a clever girl.  Éowyn then turned it upside down, and said “No, number 6!”, giggled and ran off.  Now that is true understanding of the shapes of numbers, and humour in tricking people.  Don’t know where she gets that from… whistles innocently…

Éowyn has also begun to start to look for me when I am at work.  Éowyn will say “Daddy, where are you?” and Lucinda will tell her that I am at work and Éowyn will open the front door and go and look for me.  Lucinda is now having to be really careful.   Fortunately we have a green outside our house so she doesn’t run straight into the road but worrying nevertheless.

Lucinda’s parents have been golden, with me working I have been unable to do my share of child minding, they have been looking after Éowyn when Lucinda has been working  or socialising.  Éowyn loves it around their house, they have a big garden and a trampoline.  So she runs them ragged as she doesn’t want to be inside it is always “Outside!” and the point and the forlorn look.

Well my short amount of freetime is up and so I must do something constructive.  Please enjoy the photos below and hopefully I will be able to get another update in before we become a family of four.
Peace and Love