A quick update

Time is something I have precious little of the moment.  The push to launch the channel and move to the realm of HD is in its final stages and so I will have little time to spend with my family yet alone update the website.  So I thought I would venture a little catch up while Éowyn catches 40 winks.

Éowyn is still coming on leaps and bounds.  her vocabulary is growing daily.  She can count to 14 (how or why not really sure) but always seems to miss out 7.  Not too worried yet.  She has also begun to identify shapes, circle, square and triangle, however circle is pronounced with a strong Black Country accent for some reason.  Although I still retain the vestiges of an accent, I do not think that I have ever pronounced circle as strongly as she does.  May be it is genetic!  She has also begun to string words together and her favourite phrase seems to be “Mommy, sit down now!”  She can identify my car (and cars of the same model) and Lucinda’s car (and cars of the same model) and recognise them from quite a distance.  Quite often before you do.

She thoroughly enjoys playing with Play-Doh and has to almost every day.  She also enjoys racing against you in the back garden.  A game that she calls “1, 2, 3, go!”  However, if you ever play it with her just bare in mind that it is quite rarely 1, 2, 3, go!  It can be any random number up to 9 (obviously not including 7) before she says “go” and she will be halfway down the garden before she shouts it!

Another new favourite is Skyping her Nanny Fran.  As we do not see Nanny Fran too often we try and Skype her at least once a week.  So much so that Éowyn will pick up out little laptop computer and say “Phone Nanny”.  She gets quite excited and dances and plays in front of the webcam and includes Nanny Fran in playing Play-Doh.  It is a good way for them to keep in touch.

Apologies for the brevity of this entry but I am sure that the photos will more than make up for it.  If possible I will attempt another update in August (although I am not promising anything) then it is September!  The month that our second born is due.  Rest assured there will be plenty of updates then.

Peace and Love