The Christmas Tree is up!

Yes, it is that time of year again and this time we have a Christmas tree and it is up and fully decorated!  We also have a Christmas look to the website, don’t worry it will only be here for a month!

Christmas as I am sure you will all agree is an expensive time of year, but ours is starting to tot up and we haven’t even bought any presents yet.  First our central heating decided that although it was the coldest night of the season, (-1°C) we wouldn’t be needing its services.  Thankfully it only affected the heating (the hot water was fine) so more layers and plenty of star-jumps were the only ways to keep warm.  That cost us £160!  Then it was new brakes for my car, plus service plus MOT.  Thankfully I pre-bought my first five services when I bought the car and if I MOT the car at the garage I bought it and have it serviced at the same time then the MOT is free.  Therefore I only had to pay for the brakes which being Honda cost me £210!  I hadn’t had the car back for 24 hours when some low-loader decided that I didn’t need the front of my car and ripped it off.  He/She/ They then decided that I didn’t need their insurance details and drove off.  The first I knew of it was when my next door neighbour knocked on the door bearing the bad news.  Obviously I have reported it to the police, but there is little they can do and as there are no other insurance details then I have to fork out the excess and have it on my insurance record.  Not a happy bunny!  So all in all, it has cost me £570 and I haven’t bought a present yet, so if you don’t get anything you now know why!

However I am thankful that if my car was to have been damaged with such force that at least there was no one in the car to get hurt, and we a bit of TLC from the bodyshop/ garage it will hopefully be as good as new.

So what does  Éowyn think of the festivities?  Well she is still a little young for it all.  She is more interested in getting into mischief.  Now she can walk she can get herself into many more places and move things with much more ease.  It is not unusual for her to empty the recycling bin in the kitchen and indeed place the recycling in the washing machine.  She has even learnt to shut the washing machine door and turn it on.  Will have to show her where the laundry bin is next!  She has a fascination with my lava lamp and keeps turning it on.  But her favourite items are the remote controls, narrowly pipping mobile phones into second place.  She understands what a remote control is for and is quite adept at turning channels, muting the audio or turning the TV/ DVD off just when the crucial moment or most interesting point is just about to happen.  In fact for two days we had been unable to find the remote control for the DVD/ freeview recorder.  We hunted high and low and even asked Éowyn to tell us where she had hidden it, to no avail.  Then Lucinda had a brainwave and we checked the recycling bin in the kitchen.  Not there.  Then Lucinda remembered that she had taken the recycling out the previous day.  So Dad has to crawl through the recycling in the wheelie bin and lo and behold there was the remote control.  Thankfully Lucinda had had such a brainwave else Tuesday morning it would have been in the back of the refuse lorry!  She’s a little tyke!

Unfortunately she has been a little under the weather today and this means that she becomes very clingy.  Which is nice in one way because you get lots of cuddles but overall bad because you can not get anything done.  Lucinda was at work today and last night Éowyn was up for nearly 3 hours.  We think it is her molars that are coming through so we can definitely empathise with her but it is ever so hard at 0300!  This has carried on throughout the day today which is a great shame as we had put the Christmas tree up last night and was hoping that she would be fascinated with it.  She gave it a cursory glance this morning but has promptly ignored it all day.  I hope that this bodes well for the rest of the festive season and we don’t find baubles disappearing off the tree and finding their way into the recycling.

I wish you all well with your Christmas preparations and hopefully see you all soon

Peace and love