Meet the family

I’m back.  Did you miss me?

The last two days have been all about the family, hence no write ups and no photos posted.  Friday was devoted purely to Myself, Lucinda, Éowyn and Amélie.  We spent the whole day together getting to know each other as a family quartet with only one visitor, my friend Andy.

This we thought was especially important for Éowyn as she is the one that is probably going to be affected the most without the necessary intellect to understand why this tiny crying thing is taking up so much of mommy and daddy’s time.  Fortunately, I think she is also too tiny to be jealous or spiteful.  In fact, she has been a wonderful big sister.  If Amélie is in her moses basket and begins to cry, Éowyn will go over to her and try to calm her.  That is by one of two methods, either saying “Shhh!” or gently stroking her tummy.  Although she hasn’t quite got her tongue around her little sister’s name yet, and calls her ‘Amémie‘.

Éowyn also likes to hold Amélie.  She will sit on the sofa and put a cushion on her lap.  We have told her to put her arm out to support Amélie’s head and neck and it seems to have sunk in. Éowyn will usually only hold Amélie for a couple of minutes, and gently stroke her tummy and give her tender kisses.  It is very sweet.  However, when Amélie is crying uncontrollably Éowyn will put her fingers in her ears and look pleadingly at us saying, “Noisy, noises.” We have to agree!

Amélie still hasn’t settled into any kind of routine and seems to suffer from wind (colic) more at night than in the day, so myself and Lucinda are surviving on very little sleep at the moment.  The infacol has begun to work but she still seems colicky at night.  One of my friends has also recommended colief, which is quite pricey but a small price for a good night’s sleep and more importantly a daughter that is not in pain.  Thanks Clare!  We’ll let you know how we get on with it.

Saturday was definitely a day for family.  Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz came down from West Bromwich, Auntie Mary came over from Woking and Uncle Steve, Auntie Zoe and Megan and Finley also came to visit the newest member of the family.  The sales of biscuits and tea bags in the Staines area has increased considerably this past week.  Thank goodness we have a dishwasher, 30 minutes on eco-cycle and we have a constant stream of clean cups.  I think that Éowyn is enjoying the visitors as much (if not more) than we are, for she is getting just as many presents as Amélie and everyone wants to talk to her.  We never cease to find it amazing how generous everyone is.  Thank you all.

Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz stayed down south (it is OK they have had their injections) the night (stopping at Lucinda’s parents), so there were more munches and a chance for Éowyn to play with them before they headed back up the M40.  Éowyn was so excited to see her Nanny Fran and especially her Auntie Liz.  When she saw them coming down the path she literally begun a little dance of joy.  Obviously she does not see as much of my mom compared to Lucinda’s parents but we try to Skype at least once a week and whenever Éowyn pretends to be on the phone invariably it tends to be Nanny Fran.

There was still room in the schedule for more visitors before Sunday evening.  Uncle Michael popped round with Cristina, Lauren and Maddie and Lucinda’s Auntie Diane and Auntie Sally with cousin Lucy popped round to welcome the new edition.  Amélie has now meet all her Uncles and Aunties and a number of Great-Uncle and Great Aunties.  So for less than a week old she is doing pretty well!

Last night we thought that the colic had gone.  Amélie when down after her bedtime feed and didn’t stir until after 0300 which was just over 4.5 hours.  ‘Great!’ we thought.  We could have a good night.  Nope, she did not settle at all after her feed.  Lucinda took her downstairs as took Amélie downstairs at the same time yesterday and I was getting up at 0700 to take Éowyn to Jo (our childminder) for 0800.  At least Lucinda has had a little rest this morning (not enough obviously, but some).  I have done the house husbandly duties and the fridge is stocked and meals have been prepared and while Lucinda waits for the midwife, I will be heading back to Jo’s to pick our firstborn up.

Hopefully I will be able to add more photos tomorrow but for those of you who are new visitors to the website, do not forget that there are plenty of photos on the Flickr site that you can access but clicking on the photo in the right hand column or alternatively clicking here.

Just a footnote that since Éowyn has learnt to say “Boing. Boing, Baggies Baggies!” (I am a cruel father) West Bromwich Albion haven’t lost and are currently sitting pretty in 6th place.  It is too early in season to glean anything from that but quite a nice thing for Amélie to have been born when your team are playing attractive football and high up in the table.  This has probably put the collybosh on the team, especially since we are playing Manchester United at Old Trafford next and for that I apologise to the whole Baggies fraternity.

Peace and love