The Big Announcement!

To coincide with the first Mother’s day of the new decade the Bagnall family would like to make a very big announcement:

Lucinda is Pregnant

Yes, we are expecting our second child on 26th September 2010, a few short weeks before Éowyn’s second birthday and a couple of days before my little sister’s 30th birthday!  So will forgive if this update is short and sweet because it is news that should not be buried with one of the usual updates and I will get you up to speed with the general Bagnall news, including flying visits to Nanny Fran in an ‘end of quarter’ post.

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed the changes to the side bar.  Éowyn still has her dedicated page but there is a new one for September’s arrival.

I hope you can forgive the lack of photos of Éowyn in this post but I trust that I can placate you with a copy of the two scans (yes, there is only one baby in there!) below.

Love and Peace

Baggie, Lucinda and  Éowyn

Bagette deux
Bagette deux

Telly Addict

It seems that winter has finally left our little corner of Albion and spring is in the air (apologies to those of you in the Northern half of our land that are still struggling through blizzards).  Unfortunately I have, as yet, not been able to take full advantage of these vernal days.   In contrast Éowyn has been able to do so with her Granddad in Nan and Granddad’s garden.  In fact she enjoys being out in the garden so much that she refuses to go in to eat her lunch, much to her nan’s dismay.

As I may have mentioned before, Lucinda’s parents live in the same village as us, which definitely has its advantages, one of which is that Éowyn is able to see them often.  She loves to go round and is now able to walk all the way there.  Which is definitely good for my back!  She is certainly becoming little miss independent.  However, she  gets frustrated either because she can not do whatever it is that she is trying to do; we are stopping her doing whatever it is she is trying to do; or she can not get us to understand what it is she wants to do.  I suppose that it is all just part of growing up.

Éowyn has finally discovered the television.  Not something that I particularly wanted her to discover.  She has always enjoyed ‘Deal or No Deal’ but now she has discovered that there are channels devoted only to children’s programmes.  It is the intent of pre-school television programmes to freak out right-minded adults?  I can sort of handle the Waybuloos, even with their freaky form of pipling yoga: yogo.  Chuggington is a Disney-fied Thomas the Tank Engine for a new decade (Éowyn particularly likes the theme tune and sings along with it – Chugga-Chugga-Chugga-Chuggington). But In The Night Garden is just a couple of stops passed freak-ville for me.  I think that there were one too many drug-fuelled nights involved in the conception of that idea.  The episode the other day had the tombliboos climbing about the psychedelic ninky nonk train which travelled really fast and they ended up with no trousers on.  They stepped off a little dizzy and after swapping trousers got on the pinky ponk, where they drank pinky ponk juice and ended up with no trousers on.  And don’t get me started on the haahoos!  I’m not sure if I want my little girl watching this kind of thing.  Bring back the Clangers and Chorlton and the Wheelies!

It is not all Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka though.  Éowyn has also been taking in a little culture.  As you can see in the photos below she has been to Kew Gardens with the greater-Cathrall clan (I was unfortunately at work) for their Tropical Extravaganza Orchid Festival.  This was the second time that Éowyn has been to Kew Gardens which is two more visits than her dad.  This is even though I once rented a flat in Richmond Upon Thames from which I could see the Pagoda.  It is amazing that when things are on your doorstep that they become a little matter of fact and taken for granted.  I will have to make the effect and pay a visit, especially since I have visited the Eden Project twice and that is the other side of the country!

I do apologise for the dearth of photos once again, but I have not yet succeeded in achieving the correct work/life balance in my new role and Lucinda is not as trigger happy as me.  I will try harder for next time.

Peace and love