Back to School

It has become somewhat of a modern tradition that on the first day back to school there is an obligatory photograph taken outside the front door of one’s home of your offspring accoutred in their school uniform.  Not completely sure who or when this tradition began and, although I am not one who usually conforms to fashion for the sake of fashion, somehow one feels like one has failed as a parent if the internet does not see such a picture.  Therefore, to avoid being tarnished with the epitaph ‘Bad Parent’ without further ado please scroll to the bottom of this update to see this year’s photos.

The beauty of such a photo is that it captures the school uniform how it is intended to look rather than after it has been worn everyday for a couple of months and treated with the respect that only a 6 year old can mete.

I find it amazing that after 6 weeks of waking up at 0630-0700 throughout the summer vacation, both of the girls needed waking up from a deep slumber on the first day of school.  Not sure where they get this from as both Lucinda and I enjoy a lie-in (or used to enjoy a lie-in before the Baguettes arrived). There must be an innate ability inherent in all children to know exactly the most inconvenient time possible to wake up.

The 2016-2017 academic year sees Éowyn in year 3 (entering Key Stage 2) and Amélie join year 1.  Ezra is still at nursery and will not enter full time education until September next year.  He also had to return to school a full day before his sisters because of a tactically scheduled inset day at their school that extended the summer holiday by another twenty four hours.

Éowyn and Amélie, although at the same school, are still at separate campuses and will be until next year when Amélie enters year 2 (and Éowyn year 4).  Unfortunately, it will not mean that the journey to school will be a little easier (and consequently the pick up from school) for Ezra will be entering reception and thus attending that campus for two years.  So we will have to wait until 2019 for all three to be on the same campus and that will only be for one year until Éowyn leaves Primary school education and enters Secondary education and year 7 in 2020.  We have a few years (and many updates) before then, so stay tuned.

Both girls came back saying how much they enjoyed their first day back at school.  They both liked their new teachers and were a little over excited to see all their friends again.  Amélie’s class has just moved straight into a new classroom with a new teacher, so it should be a straightforward move and so it seemed from chatting to her about it tonight.  Indeed she seemed to think it was the ‘best day ever‘ because she was allowed two pieces of fruit; very easily pleased our second-born.

Éowyn, on the other hand, has a bigger change to contend with; for not only is she moving classroom and teacher but the school have decided to completely mix up the classes in her year.  This means, unfortunately, she is no longer in the same class as her best friends.  This has been worrying her over the summer but today she was extremely philosophical about it and seemed to embrace the change, probably because she likes her teacher and enjoyed talking to new people. Long may it continue. I, as always, will keep you updated through the medium of this site.

Peace and Love