Amélie’s first day at school

On the same day as Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history (63 years 217 days) our second born started full-time education.  Yes, this auspicious day saw Amélie, who will turn 5 at the end of the month don her school uniform for the first time and head through the park to school.  Just a few short days after Éowyn started year 2 Amélie took a big step in her life: starting full-time education.  As this is an important stage in all of our lives she deserves a write-up all to herself and this is it.

I had the day off work so I could be there when she went to school and be at home when she got back.  Lucinda had child-minding commitments so it was quite handy that I could help and so we could give Amélie as much attention between us as we could.

She usually wakes up early so she had her bath and washed her hair early so that she could get a good night’s sleep.  However she still got out of bed early all excited and this excitement continued throughout the morning and putting on her school uniform.  Wearing her school uniform and carrying her school bag she looked very grown up, how can Lucinda and I have two grown up girls?  So after taking the customary photos (see below) we headed to school en masse.

Obviously with Éowyn at one campus and Amélie at the other we needed to split at some point, thus on the fork in the path in the park I gave Amélie a kiss and wished her well for her first day at school.  Then I took Éowyn to her school and Lucinda headed to reception with Amélie.  Éowyn got a little upset when I dropped her off (probably because she wasn’t the centre of attention, so I stayed with her until Miss Benarth opened the door.  I then ran from one campus to the other to see if I could wave Amélie off, but I arrived as Lucinda was leaving the classroom.  Lucinda said that as soon as Miss Snow had opened the door, Amélie had run in and started to play with the reception toys, she wasn’t in the least concerned about going to school, or even saying goodbye to her mum.  Lucinda managed to snatch a kiss and then Amélie went back to her game.

Seemingly, the excitement stayed with her all day.  She came back enthusing about school and how brilliant it was.  School dinners were brilliant; Miss Snow was brilliant; they had stories; they played games and there were lots of toys.  Oh, yes she enjoyed her school lunch.  Whenever we asked her about school, she said it was brilliant and the best thing was the school lunch, she is a Bagnall!  I don’t think that we will have any problems convincing her to go to school tomorrow, especially as she is going to see her new best friend, Olivia (or at least that is what she thinks her name is – names aren’t important when you are four years old!) and there will be school lunch.

The real reason that you have clicked on the link is to see Amélie in her school uniform, so without wishing to detain you any longer here are those customary photos of our latest ‘big’ girl:

Peace and love