To sleep: perchance to dream

Ay, there’s the rub! The updates have been non-existent for the last couple of days partly due to spending a bit more time together as a family, partly because we haven’t done too much that is worthy of an update and partly due to lack of sleep caused by a little one that has been crying throughout the night.  Last night, in fact was the first night that both Lucinda and I got a full (ish) night’s sleep.  We have been told that her current crying is probably due to the antibiotics that Lucinda is taking and that when the course has finished (which is today) then to see if there is a change in Amélie’s crying pattern.  We have been carrying on with the Colief and Infacol though and hope that it has helped to a certain extent and fingers crossed when the antibiotics have worked their magic things may calm down.  They have to, I am back to work next week!

So what have we been doing the past few days?  Nothing hugely exciting it has to be said.  Adjusting as a family, trips to see Nanny and Granddad and a myriad of those little jobs around the house including repairing the shower pump! (I am sure that houses react to the amount of attention you bestow.  The more attention you give the more little (and big) things go wrong or need replacing, and it is not just that you notice them, as per the shower pump example.  It is relatively new (although out of warranty) but decided to choose this week to go wrong.)  Yes, while Lucinda was having a shower and myself and Éowyn were sitting on the sofa we noticed a dripping coming from the ceiling.  The shower pump had sprung a leak.  It was a good job that I was off and my basic plumbing skills now mean that it has all been isolated and just waiting for a spare part to fix it.

We have had a steady stream of visitors, mainly friends as most of the family saw Amélie in her first week.  Amélie, apart from the crying, is growing well.  The Health Visitor came today (as we have been discharged by midwifery care) and performed a hearing test (she passed with flying colours) and weighed her.  She is now 3.9kgs (8lbs 9.5oz) so putting on weight at a good rate (above her birth weight in two weeks) sitting in the 75th centile.  The Health Visitor was also enamoured with Éowyn (who wouldn’t be).  For she was very chatty and busy (drawing and pretending to go shopping) while the Health Visitor was there.  Éowyn also insisted on doing her flash cards (16 different words she now recognises) and the Health Visitor was amazed (especially since Éowyn is not even two yet!)  She said she couldn’t wait to go back to the office and tell her colleagues.  Which was nice.

Éowyn has also been settling in to the idea that Amélie is not going anywhere.  We did have a couple of nights of a little resistance when we put her to bed.  She was finding it hard to understand that Amélie was going to spend the night in mommy and daddy’s room and she wasn’t, touch wood, that has now gone.  She also seemed a little subdued for a week but again that seems to have passed.  All the time though she has been wonderful around Amélie.  She will help you when you are changing Amélie, she will try to calm her when she is crying and she enjoys holding her, except when she starts crying and then Éowyn will look at you with eyes that say ‘Please daddy, she is too noisy!’  I think that Lucinda is dreading the day I go back to work!  As since I was not the winner of £113,019,926 on Friday’s Euromillions then it is to work that I must return, but before that there is a small matter of Éowyn’s second birthday on Sunday.

So I will leave you now and give Lucinda a break and expect at least one more update before I return to work.

Peace and love