Forward Motion!

Éowyn’s development is coming on leaps and bounds and her personality is becoming more defined with each passing day.  She is very curious, slightly vain (she likes to look at herself in the mirror  – although that could be due in part to curiosity), puts in just enough effort to attain her goal, loves her food and finds silly things highly amusing.  Above all she is most precocious, a family girl and likes her routine.  This week she has demonstrated all of the above.

Wednesday marked her cousin Maddy’s 7th birthday so a roast dinner and birthday cake was in order around Nan and Granddad’s.  Éowyn joined us at the kitchen table and enjoyed her own (liquidised) roast dinner, a little bit of chicken breast and a selection of vegetables.  She also impressed Nan and Granddad with her new skill:  Crawling forwards!

For a number of weeks, she has been able to crawl backwards, but over the last weekend that has developed into forward motion.  Initially it was a couple of tentative steps (if that is the right word) followed by a 180° turn and the easier backward crawling method.  So with an air of training mom and dad encouraged the forward motion with the carrot of a bottle of milk.  Taking after her parents the promise of food was all the encouragement she needed and forward motion was achieved.  Now there is no stopping her, and we have discovered how un-childproof our house it.  She is into everything, and whatever is in reach is instantly tasted to see if it is edible.  She, however, only exerts just enough energy to achieve her goal.  If she is crawling after something lying on the floor, she will crawl to within 6 inches or so of the object and then dive forwards, stretching her arms out to grab it and drag it back towards her, rather than crawl all the way.

Thursday is Songs, Stories and Rhymes at Egham Library.  Although Éowyn does enjoy her nursery rhymes (especially row, row, row your boat and head, shoulders, knees and toes) this week she seemed a little non-plussed by some of it, preferring instead to show off her new found skill, crawling around the other mothers to have a look at the other babies.

Friday was the wedding of friends of mine Nick and Kirsty (you can link to their blog under the ‘Sites of Interest’ column on the right, The Whirly Wheelers).  So that we could attend, Nanny Fran kindly agreed to take a day off work and baby-sit for her.  It has been a while since Mom has spent so much time with her, and obviously she could see how much that she had not only grown, but also developed.  Éowyn was very content to play with her Nan and show off her new skills.  In marked contrast to Nanny’s Fran’s last visit when Éowyn seemed to be upset that Nanny Fran was in her house rather than in West Bromwich.  That I think was just part of her growing awareness and trying to associate people with places.

I think that Éowyn was aware that something was happening, though and as mom and dad got ready and Nanny Fran tried to get her ready for bed she began to cry.  If we went into her, she would stop but would start again as soon as we left.  Mom assured us that she would be alright as she could see the obvious concern in our eyes and as we left the house Éowyn gave up the struggle and succumbed to the arms of Morpheus.  It was one of the hardest things to do, to leave your crying daughter to go out and enjoy yourself, however Mom put our minds to rest with the aid of a picture text message of Éowyn peacefully sleeping in her cot.  Thanks Mom!

Nick and Kirsty’s wedding was excellent, Kirsty looked beautiful but I think that she was upstaged by her son George who held court on the dancefloor (see photos below).   Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the live band were excellent, only topped by the hog-roast!  We wish Nick and Kirsty all the best for their future lives together.

Love and peace