Family Time

We have had a week of catching up with friends and family.  Friday night was my first night out on the town since Éowyn came along.  Getting into bed at 0100 in a morning to be woken up by a crying baby at 0530 is not conducive to assisting in hangover recovery.  Quite rightly sympathy was in short supply and you just have to get on with it.  I think Éowyn could sense there was something not quite right and therefore was in one of her fiesty moods especially when Daddy was on his own, and I was on my own for most of the morning.  An NCT organised ‘Nearly New’ sale had Lucinda sharpening her elbows for the mêlée that ensues at these events, while I took primary care responsibilities.  Her foraging proved fruitful as she came back with armfuls of toys for a fraction of the price of their retail value and Éowyn no longer looks like a deprived child.

Saturday afternoon we met up with good friends of mine, Andy and Máire and their daughter Éabha. We haven’t seen Andy and Máire for well over a year and it was the first time that we had met Éabha, who was born a couple of weeks after Éowyn.  We met for lunch near Sheen Gate, Richmond Park in a nice pub called the Plough.  While the weather continued its display of extremes we took advantage of the catering facilities, but managed to squeeze in a walk in the park between showers.  It was good to catch up and reassuring that all new parents go through the same problems and insecurities.  We will not leave it as long to meet up, next time.  You have read it here and so shall it be.

As avid readers will recall Lucinda’s cousin Alex and his wife Sally and daughter Isabel are currently over from Australia and we were hoping to meet up with them on Saturday night before the big family meeting on Sunday.  However due, in part to Éowyn’s fiestiness but also our own exhaustion we shamefully cancelled and took them for a walk around Savill Garden in Virginia Water on the Sunday morning instead.  Then it was back to Lucinda’s parents for a big family get together.  Éowyn was on her best behaviour which was nice and entertained everyone by blowing raspberries at each in turn.  It is nice being part of such a close family and it will be excellent for Éowyn as she grows up.

Wednesday saw a flying visit to West Bromwich  (my only day off this week, so we couldn’t stay overnight) to visit our solicitors (nothing bad, just a re-mortgage!) with the added bonus of seeing Nanny Fran.  We also popped in to see Éowyn‘s Great-Grandma, as it was her birthday.  I don’t think that we could have given her a better birthday present, as although Éowyn was tired and due a feed she kept her Great-Grandma entertained.  It is a shame that we don’t life closer so that we could see more of my family, but hopefully they will pop over during the Easter break.

The dream feed of hungry baby milk is doing its job.  We have had 5 nights of uninterrupted sleep this week, and Éowyn is waking up in a much better mood too.  She also is taking her morning naps easier too, however she still fights sleep if she thinks that there is something interesting going on.  At least I and especially Lucinda can feel a little more human again now that our sleep is not being disturbed.  We will see how long this lasts before the routine is altered again.  Perhaps we should try some of these albums to help her to sleep.

Hope that you all have a good week, or so and plenty of Easter eggs.

Love and Peace