New regime

This week, Lucinda decided that it was time to try and develop more of a routine with Éowyn.  For a while Lucinda has had Éowyn in the routine of having a bath in the early evening, before feeding and putting to bed for about 8pm.  She would then wake her at 10.30pm to feed her, before putting her down for the night.  However there were a couple of unresolved problems.  The first was that Éowyn would wake around 5am for a feed, and quite often not go back down; and secondly that she was only rarely napping during the day.  This meant that Lucinda was not getting any time for herself, or for us.

So, armed with a friend’s copy of ‘The Baby Whisperer’ Lucinda set about changing this.  She is only a couple of days into the regime, but already Éowyn is going down for naps (with the pick up/ put down method) and sleeping a little longer in the morning.  She has also instigated the dream feed, where instead of waking her at 1030pm to feed her, she feeds her from a bottle while she sleeps.  Although it seems to defy logic that it is safe, surely she should choke?

Food is playing a large part in Éowyn‘s life at the moment.  She has only been eating solids for a short time but she has already tried many different flavours.  We want her to experience as many flavours as possible early on so, in theory she will not be as fussy when she is older.  Well that’s the idea, we will have to let you know how that one pans out.  So far she has had:

  • Banana – didn’t like it at first, but has grown to like it
  • Apple – didn’t really like it, but we will persevere with it
  • Pear – really enjoyed it
  • Sweet Potato – didn’t really like, again we will persevere with it
  • Carrot – really enjoyed it.

It is a learning process for all of us, but it seems that she prefers the fruit and vegetables when they have been watered down with milk (milked down?).  This is probably two-fold: firstly the consistency is closer to that of milk and secondly that the flavour is not quite as strong.

Our friend Andrea came round on Thursday with her son, Jack.  He is a couple of months older and so it is nice to know what we have in store as Éowyn follows him down the path of learning.  It is also good for the girls to swap ideas and stories.  It will also be good when Éowyn and Jack are older and can play together, and should they go to the same school he can look out for her, as he will be just that little bit older.

Enough of my babbling here are the latest photos: