Last week Éowyn had become fractious and not her usual self, but we have discovered the cause, she is in the early stages of teething.  All the symptoms are there: dribbling, red cheeks, earache and a tendency to nibble on dad’s fingers whenever he holds her.  I think that this has also lowered her immune system a little as she also has a cold.  So in an effort to help her through this, we are rubbing snufflebalm (a vicks type rub for babies) into her chest, bonjela (for babies) on her gums and calpol when the earache is too bad.

Even though she is obviously in pain, we have only (so far, touch wood) had one bad night, Sunday, when she did not get to sleep until 04:00.  We are not used to this as she has been sleeping through the night for many weeks and it was a shock to the system.  She was also antsy went we went out for a farewell meal with our friend Sanjiv.  She did not settle and with hindsight this was the beginning of her teething episode.

The cold and teething is also having an effect on her weight gain.  She currently tips the scales at 13lb 3oz (5.98kgs) which is only a 4oz gain on last week’s weight.  This takes her below the line of weight gain that she has been following quite closely since birth.  It is something that we will have to keep an eye on.

It doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much though as she is still smiling and happy when her teeth aren’t hurting her, and now she is laughing out loud.  She has been smiling and making a kind of giggling noise but last Sunday she laughed out loud.  Not quite as loud as her father but a definite rise in decibels.

Please note that there is a new page ‘The Engagement’ currently it is just photos from our trip to India in March 2006 when I proposed to Lucinda, but I will add some words in due course.

Just a few more photos to add this time, but please enjoy.

Peace and love