Out of ICU

Today marked a big step on Éowyn’s road to recovery and eventually her way home.  An X-Ray today has confirmed that the trapped air in her thorax has been reabsorbed and her lung re-inflated.  A big thank you to all the staff in St Peters Neonatal Intensive Care Department, such a fantastic bunch of people.

She has now been deemed well enough to move to the Transitional Care room on the main Joan Booker ward.  This means that for the first time, she will be sleeping in a cot next to her mum, and Lucinda does not have to go up two flights of stairs to feed her.  She still has her canula in her hand as she is still finishing her course of antibiotics that was started as a precaution. Her blood culture results will be ready tomorrow and will confirm whether she did indeed have an infection and whether she needs to continue with the treatment.  All being well they may be able to take the canula out and she will be free of the last of her medical attachments.

Like any good lady, she has been very coy about her weight.  When she was born the mid-wife Dorothy weighed her as 7lbs 9oz (3.422 kgs), however she was rushed within the hour to ICU and on admittance they weighed her as 8lbs 9oz (3.881 kgs) – some discrepancy.  However, due to the fact that she was under treatment they have only been able to re-weigh her today and currently she is 7lbs 2oz (3.220 kgs) which points to the midwife taking top honours in the weighing category.

Despite the confusion over her weight she is a very contented baby and we have both been able to have extended cuddle time today, which I think she has enjoyed as much as us.  She is only grumpy when she wants a feed (just like her dad) and Mum and daughter are naturals at breast feeding which is good for both and Dad has seemingly found his talent: the knack of winding her, as the stains on his T-Shirt bear testament.

We are hoping that she will be home with us in the next couple of days and we can really begin our life as a family.

A special mention to Lee and Caroline and congratulations on the birth of their daughter Georgia Elizabeth, another little playmate for Éowyn.

Peace and Love

Mum and Dad

I have my own built in pillow
I have my own built in pillow