Éowyn Vera Bagnall

At 04:01 (BST) on the 17th October 2008 in the hospital of St. Peters, Chertsey, Surrey our first child Éowyn Vera was born, weighing 7lbs 9oz (3.422 kgs), with her mother’s ginger hair, the Badger family ears and the Bagnall nose (will have to show her how to do the Bagnall nose rub!). Unfortunately it was soon apparent that she was struggling to breathe which meant that she was unable to suckle.

She is currently in an incubator in the neo-natal intensive care unit where they have diagnosed that her left lung has a condition known as pneumomediastinum where air leaks from the lung into the thoracic cavity. This results, in layman’s terms, in a collapsed lung, meaning that she needs to breathe harder and faster since only her right lung is working.

However, she is a little fighter and responding well to the antibiotics and extra oxygen she is being given, so much so that she was able to feed from Lucinda this evening. Her antibiotic course is due to end on Sunday (19th) and hopefully her body will have absorbed the trapped air allowing her left lung to re-inflate taking the pressure off her right one. It is, apparently, just one of those things that can happen when a baby takes its first breath and doesn’t seem to indicate that there is any underlying problem or condition, which is great news.

It was good for Lucinda to feed Éowyn this evening as she had been unable to hold the baby since the birth as the condition had been quickly diagnosed by the midwife and they had taken her from me and directly to the neo-natal unit for tests and treatment and she has been in the incubator for most of her life.

She is improving by the hour so hopefully when I return tomorrow I can have a cuddle too! But unfortunately there are no photos as yet but please keep popping by for updates and I will post the photos as soon as we have some.

Thank you all for your messages and we look forward to introducing her to all of you.

Peace and love (think I may have to change that since Ringo’s web message!)

Baggie and Lucinda x