Coming home?

At midnight tonight (the start of Wednesday 22nd October) Éowyn should be receiving the last of her antibiotic doses via her canula.  This is the last of a five day course which implies that she was born with an infection, although the doctors have been conspicuous by their absence for us to question them about this.  They have also, not given her the BCG injection that they said that they would give her on Monday.  Assuming that all is well (and she receives her BCG) then I should be able to take mummy and baby home.  However, if the release of other mothers in the ward is anything to go by it will be nigh on 9 o’clock (in the evening!) before everything will be signed for them to leave.  I will be in from 8 o’clock (in the morning) to bug them into letting us leave early.  My car park ticket runs out at 17:45!

I’m afraid there are no new photos in today’s news as we took some photos on Lucinda’s camera but it is still with her in the hospital, however there should be plenty of new ones in tomorrow’s news.

Just a quick aside, I need to confirm this but I believe that Éowyn is the first Bagnall, in a direct line of ancestry, to have been born outside of West Bromwich for nearly 200 years.  However, I am still going to saddle her with the burden of being a Baggies fan.  Poor girl!

I’m off to bed, tomorrow is a very important day, our family life can truly begin.

Peace and love