Éowyn’s first day at school

A week after Amélie’s first day at nursery Éowyn took a big step in her life:  Starting full time education.  As this is such an important stage in anyone’s life then she deserves a write up all to herself.  This is it.

Éowyn woke at 0630 after an early-ish night, excited at the prospect of her first day at school.  This excitement continued through breakfast and all the way to school, despite Amélie still protesting that she didn’t want to go to school.

Wearing her new school uniform and new black school shoes Éowyn looked so grown up and Lucinda and I could hardly believe that she was our little girl! So after taking the customary photos of our girl on her first day, Éowyn, Amélie and I got into the car while Lucinda stayed at home with Ezra.

We arrived at school in good time and were taken to Éowyn’s classroom, and that was it.  Éowyn waved goodbye and started chatting with Miss Finbow (her teacher) and settled in straight away, without a second glance for her sister or dad.  I wish Amélie was so settled.

As I was at work, Lucinda picked the girls up.  Éowyn was still excited.  She had received a sticker for tidying up (I wish she would do that at home) and was full of stories from the day.  She enjoyed her school dinner, which was pizza, mashed potatoes and sweetcorn (?! – sounds like something my work canteen would serve together) followed by chocolate cake and she thought that was brilliant!

Miss Finbow said that she had done very well and was full of confidence; long may it last.  Éowyn went to bed still excited that she was going to go to school the next day; long may that last too!

Here are the customary photos of our ‘big’ girl:

Peace and Love


Amélie’s first day at nursery

Thursday 29th August 2013 saw an important step in Amélie’s development her first day at Nursery.  I thought that this was such an important step that she deserved an update all to herself; this is it.

We had delayed sending Amélie to nursery until we had received confirmation from the local authority on Éowyn’s school application because we didn’t want Amélie settling into a nursery and making friends only for her to be uprooted in September and start somewhere new.  Consequently when we discovered that Éowyn had been accepted at Town Farm we applied to Tiny Tots Nursery (a private nursery on the same site as Town Farm school) for Amélie.

So a month before her third birthday I took Amélie to Tiny Tots for the first time.  She looked so grown up with her princess backpack and new pink trainers and quite happily held me hand and trotted off to the nursery.  We arrived at the nursery and without any fuss she waved goodbye and went off to play.

Lucinda picked her up at noon and the staff said that she had been a little teary for about ten minutes but had perked up after a cuddle.  She had repeatedly asked for her daddy (which is unusual – she is normally a mommy’s girl) but seemed to settle quite well and had been playing with the other children.

However Lucinda said that she had kept asking for me even after Lucinda had picked her up and even the temptation of going to Nanny and Granddad’s to play with her cousins hadn’t stopped her from asking for me.  It is nice to know that I am so popular.

Nevertheless the experience hasn’t put her off and she seems to be looking forward to Tuesday and her first full day.  As always we will keep you up to date.  So I will leave you there with photos for our little girl on her first day at nursery.

Peace and love