To patch or not to patch II – return to the orthoptist

I am spoiling you with the continued frequency of updates this year although I was secretly hoping to write a few more as March is traditionally a busy month with birthdays for the boys of Team Bagnall and Mothers’ Day.  In addition, to those known events there have a couple of other significant events that I am sure you will find of interest. Read more

Stand in the place where you live

Is it just me, or is this November more depressing than usual?  The usual anticyclonic gloom has truly spread it’s November mirk over the land, Christmas is over a month away and coupled with the darker nights, even the news (as reported by the Daily Mail – so it must be true) that this is probably going to be the warmest November (in the UK) in recorded history hasn’t raised the mood.

There is, however, some news from the Bagnall household that may just disperse the melancholy: Amélie has begun to cruise.  She has gone from being the Usain Bolt of crawling to bipedal movement almost overnight.  OK, she had not taken her first unfettered steps but she is pulling herself to two legs at every available opportunity and every opportune object that stays still long enough (even the back of your legs when you are doing the washing up).  This presents itself with more issues, for her reach has now increased itself tenfold.  Those little arms can reach, almost Mr Tickle-like, further than you would believe and always to the one thing that you don’t want her to have.  Hence the lack of photos on this upload as Lucinda’s camera is one of those shiny things that Amélie has become besotted with and it no longer works as it once did.  However, it has given me an idea for a Christmas present for Lucinda.  Shh!

There is a second reason why there are not some many photos as usual and that is because I have not had so many days off work as I have in recent weeks.  It is still manically busy at work so on some days I have left the house before the girls have woke and am back just as they are going to bed.  Then, the days off I do have with them Lucinda is working and so at the moment there has not been the collective family events and thus such photographic opportunities.  My working does have others effects especially on Éowyn.  Last weekend we were chatting and she said, ‘Daddy, do you have to go to work tomorrow?‘ I replied that I did and she wandered off to her table and took out a sheet of A4 paper and her crayons, furiously scribbed away and wandered back.  ‘Here’s a map, Daddy, so you know how to get back home,‘ she said handing me the finished picture.  There was a tear in my eye.

Éowyn has been very good of late.  She has seemingly left her terrible twos far behind and I can not remember the last time she sat on the thinking step or even was threatened with sitting on the thinking step.  Indeed, she has been very thoughtful and polite and is truly a pleasure to be with.  She has also begun to really enjoy going to pre-school (Playbox) and seems to have made many friends this term.  At the end of the last school year we were undecided as to whether we should be sending her there as she didn’t seem to be enjoying it but perserverance has paid off and as of January (when she is entitled to 15 hours of childcare paid for by the government) she will be going there three days a week.

Éowyn also has inherited her father’s (and grandfather’s) love of films.  At the moment she is going through the back catalogue of Disney films.  She knows Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast inside out (as indeed Toy Story 3) but her current favourite is Lady and the Tramp.  At least it gives us a rest from Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer (her current favourite television programmes) and I’d much rather sit down with her and watch a film for at least it is a fixed, defined duration.  Watch the film then do something else, rather than the ending stream of television programming punctuated with endless adverts for toys and games (I want one of those) that she doesn’t need.  All you parents out there are saying welcome to parenthood.  Thanks!

Christmas is rapidly approaching and myself and Lucinda have promised ourselves that we will be more organised this year.  We have to be with two children and are both in employment.  So presents are being bought (internet shopping is a wonderful thing) and days are being booked off to attempt to get ahead of the game for since both of our jobs are shift based, the Christmas period is no different to any other day of the year, we will be in our respective places of work.  There is no two week break for us.  I always remember when I first got my first job in television and some friends were disgusted that we would be expected to work during the Christmas holidays and I replied ‘What do you do on Christmas day?’ ‘Eat, drink and then fall asleep in front of the telly.’  ‘Exactly, someone has to be pressing the buttons at the other end to make it all work.’

So with that in mind I will bid you adieu and once again apologies for the less than usual number of photos below and I promise to do better next time.

Peace and love