It's been a while

Apologies to all the regular readers for the lack of update over the last 3 weeks or so.  I have been a tad busy.  IMG has won a couple of major contracts, namely Studio and live operations for the newly launched ESPN channel in the UK and the Football League show for the BBC.  Two prestigious clients but a lot of work to get them on the air and devise systems to integrate them into our current operations.  A lot of hard work but something that I really enjoy.  However, with my shift opposite on holiday, it has meant that more of the onus has been on me and in order to fully define the technical solution I have been doing long hours and extra days.  Hence the lack of time for updates (on this website anyway, myself and a colleague Jay Versluis have created one to impart information to our freelance staff.  If you are at all interested you will find it here).

Unfortunately this means that I have not seen that much of Lucinda or Éowyn either, in fact on some days neither of them were awake while I was in the house!

The month started with Éowyn’s nine month check up at the Health Centre.  Just a general check up to ensure that she is developing both physically and mentally.  The health visitor seemed quite happy with her development, her weight is in the 50th centile and her height in just above the 98th centile.  She can do all the things that they would expect a 9-month old should do:  grasp small objects, pass them from one hand to the other, clap, crawl, etc.  Without appearing to be boastful parents we did not have too much worries regarding her development, she appears to be quite precocious.

The next stage in her development is the fact that she has outgrown her first car seat.  After some consideration we opted for the Maxi Cosi Axiss due to the fact that it rotates on its base.  It will save our backs lifting her in at an angle, especially as she gets heavier.  She was unsure of it at first because it faces forward, she has always travelled backwards, and it is a different experience looking out the windscreen.  No doubt she will get used to it rather quickly.

To add to the lack of contact I have had with my wife and child this month, they left me for a week.  Not in that sense.  Lucinda’s parents took their grandchildren (and Lucinda) on holiday with their friends Mike and Sue (and their grand-daughter).  Mike and Sue have a holiday home, made from a 2 converted train carriages, in Selsey, the most southerly point in West Sussex.  Éowyn had a fantastic time, as did her cousins.  Éowyn is now of an age that she can play with the older children.  Obviously she can not do all the things that they can but she can interact with them and they enjoy teaching her things.

Éowyn also played in the sea for the first time.  It was not the first time that she had seen the sea.  When we stayed in Devon in May we had a day trip to Padstow and introduced her to the sea then, but as she was dressed in one of her posh dresses that day she didn’t get her feet wet.  Down at Selsey it was a different matter as the holiday home was just a short walk from the beach.  So Lucinda dressed Éowyn in her swimming costume and took her down to the sea.  She loved being in the sea, crawling on the sand after the outgoing tide and when she reached the sea, splashing and giggling.  She was enjoying herself so much that when Lucinda thought that she should take her in, the tantrums started and she hit Lucinda so hard that it made her nose bleed.

That wasn’t her first tantrum that happened a couple of days before the trip to Selsey.  Lucinda was tecting on her mobile phone when Éowyn decided that she wanted it.  Obviously, Lucinda didn’t let her have it and waterworks and lungs were turned on full effect.  We just looked at her in shock and little disbelief, which in a way was the right thing to do as we did not react to it and it soon stopped.  However, I think that it is only the precursor to another stage of development.  How we are looking forward to that one… not!

There has probably been a lot more incidences that I should retell but I think after a month of silence the only things that you are interested in are the new photos.  So who am I to carry on…

Peace and love