A week away

As avid readers will have noticed it has been nearly two weeks since my last update, this has been mainly due to the fact that I have been out of the country for the last week but more of that later.

As you will recall, Lucinda’s cousin, Alex and his wife, Sally and daughter, Isobel were over from Australia; they have now returned back to ‘Down Under’.   However the night before they returned, there was a big family send off at one of Windsor’s finest Chinese restaurants.  It was a good turn out from the family but unfortunately, since I had been working during the day, I arrived late.  It seems that Éowyn had been a little agitated before I arrived, however being the daddy’s girl that she is, she soon cheered up when I walked through the door.  It is amazing how quickly one learns to eat food, and perform other tasks, with one hand when you have a child in the other, but the beauty of chop-sticks is that is makes it significantly easier.  Éowyn was in one of her clingy moods where she didn’t really want to go to anyone but her mommy and daddy however she did have a cheeky smile for the waiters, perhaps she thought that if she smiled they would bring her food.  We took Alex, Sally and Isobel for a walk along the Thames and a spot of lunch before they were due to fly back on the night.  It was good seeing them and now it is our turn to take Éowyn to visit the relatives in Australia, although I do not think that will be very soon and definitely not as Éowyn’s first flight.  We need to see how she behaves first on a much shorter flight; for our sanity as much as the other passengers on the plane.

It was then my turn to travel: to Las Vegas for NAB2009 the annual broadcast convention.  It is interesting to note that there are two such shows a year, NAB in Las Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam, not sure what that tells you about the TV industry.  Las Vegas is a unique place, I do not particularly like it but neither do I dislike it.  The money that has been spent there is phenomenal, if not vulgar but it is a spectacle; it is a Disneyland for adults!

I had feared that Éowyn would forget me or perhaps sulk or be wary of me on my return but there were no such fears, she is still her daddy’s girl.  She has grown so much in the past week, it is really noticeable but thankfully I have not missed any major developments, she is not crawling forwards, or walking or talking.  She is getting stronger though and is readily in the crawl position as soon as you put her on the ground.  Daddy did buy her some presents from his first trip away, which will no doubt feature in photos in the weeks to come, including a couple of pairs of Robeez soft leather shoes, elasticated making them difficult for little fingers to pull off. I don’t think that Éowyn was too bothered by her presents though, more interested by her daddy, and that’s the way I like it, although how much longer does that last?

Love and peace