The Bagnalls at Christmas 2016

You have not had to wait too long to find out what happened at Christmas, so no grumpy faces please.  As I mentioned in the previous post I had used up some leave and DOIL’s to take the week leading up to Christmas off.  Once again, we had offered to host Christmas day and so we could use these days to prepare the house to host 14 people for Christmas dinner.  Some of you with good memories will remember that last year we hosted 17 so where were the other three?  Those three would be my family who couldn’t make it down this year.  Therefore, not wanting to miss out on seeing Nanny Fran and Aunties Mary and Liz, we decided that as soon as the Baguettes were released from school we would drive up to visit them and have an early Christmas in West Bromwich.

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Tell me baby, do you recognise me? Well, it’s been a year, it doesn’t surprise me

It is tradition on Baggie and Lucy dot com for me to treat you to pre-Christmas round up, and equally one after Christmas, usually with the pre-Christmas entitled with a suitably Christmassy song lyric for you to guess and award yourself a point or ten.  With the trip to Lapland taking 5000 words and nigh on 70 photos you may have to forgive me this year for not managing to keep this tradition and subsequent failure to squeeze in another essay before the big day (well actually before the equally traditional Bagnall Christmas message).  Although I failed in writing this post before Christmas, I do not like to let you down so this may not be the most eloquent of posts for 2016, or indeed the lifetime of this website, nevertheless I thought that I had better impart the last few weeks of news before bringing you up to speed with the Bagnall’s Christmas celebrations. Read more

Merry Christmas 2016

To all our Friends and Family, and casual readers of this blog we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your love, support and general interest in our family.  It gives me the encouragement to continue to sit at my keyboard and update you with our adventures.


“Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.“


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Love from


Baggie, Lucy, Éowyn, Amélie and Ezra.

Merry Christmas from Éowyn, Amélie and Ezra
Merry Christmas from Éowyn, Amélie and Ezra