And so, after the excitement of a trip abroad and a couple of weeks of the family being together, life settles back to the usual rhythm relatively (and disappointingly) quickly.  Work is in full flow for the changeover to HD and the foray into channel launch with associated studio and transmission build.  Interesting times lie ahead.  As do weeks of longs hours spent away from the family.  Myself and Lucinda sat down last night and realised that we only have one day off together between now and September.  So bubba nº2 better not come too early.

The weather has been fantastic over the last month with Wimbledon fortnight completed unaffected by rain, but somehow we are never satisfied.  It is the summer after all but I suppose although this weather is nice when you are on holiday, when you are trying to work it is another matter.  However, this is nothing; when I met up with Sanjiv in Italy he told me that he was glad to be in Italy away from the oppressive heat that they were experiencing in Delhi with temperatures over 45°C.  When we were in Italy we were disappointed that the weather was so poor and that it wasn’t hot enough for us to relax by the hotel pool.  After a couple of weeks of true summer weather Lucinda especially, can now appreciate the climate in Tuscany.  Being heavily pregnant is no fun in hot weather and Lucinda has been suffering with night time temperatures not dropping below 20°C and with no breeze to circulate the air preventing her from getting a god night’s sleep.

Éowyn has been taking full advantage of the fine weather though to play in the garden and splash around in her new paddling pool.  We are paranoid about keeping her topped up with sun tan lotion though.  She is so fair skinned and both myself and Lucinda burn very easily.  At least Éowyn doesn’t mind it and really enjoys wearing her hat.  She really enjoys going around Nanny and Granddad’s because their garden is so big and they have a trampoline!  Whenever she goes round she makes a bee line for the trampoline dragging anyone that will go with her.  Fortunately when her cousins are there they will happily take her there for as they enjoy it too.

Éowyn definitely knows her own mind and will not be easily dissuaded.  She has started to use the tears (doesn’t get very far with daddy) and throwing whatever she has in her hands to the ground.  It is funny when she hasn’t got anything in her hands to throw for she looks for something to pick up just so that she can throw it to the ground in feigned anger.

On the whole though we are very lucky.  She isn’t a naughty child and is quite content to play and learn.   As I mentioned in my last update, she is able to count to 10, name her colours, name a wide circle of people, recognise my car and Lucinda’s car, recognise animals and make the sound they make.  She has also started to sing a number of the nursery rhymes that we sing to her.  (I do use the word ‘sing’ loosely!) When I say sing she kind of mumbles parts of the rhymes and shouts out the words she knows. In fairness to her in the right tune and to the right beat.  A little like when you are singing along to a song that you like but don’t quite know the words to apart from maybe the first line of the chorus.  Or, for the more religious of you, when an unfamiliar hymn is sung and you join in with the Hallelujahs at the end.

Éowyn has also showed how good a big sister she will be.  One of Lucinda’s friends Vereena had her second child Olivia just about a month ago.  Lucinda has been to see her a couple of times since we have been back from Italy and has taken Éowyn with her.  We were unsure how she would be around a little child but, as with everything with Éowyn , we need not have worried.  Vereena sat Éowyn on her settee with a cushion on her lap and placed little Olivia on the cushion.  Éowyn was enthralled and kept pointing at Olivia’s eyes and ears and head and calling out the names.  When Vereena took Olivia off Éowyn and gave Éowyn as biscuit, Éowyn threw it to the ground in disgust, picked up the cushion, sat back on the settee, placed the cushion on her lap, pointed at Olivia and shouted ‘Baby’.  No one was going to have a munch while she was in the room.  The second time she went round she wasn’t as possessive but was very helpful.  Vereena gave Olivia a bottle and Éowyn wandered off and came back with the Infacol.  How she knew what it was for or where it was, we have no idea.  Very clever our little one.  Then when Vereena was changing Olivia’s nappy Éowyn went a fetched 3 nappies for her.  Hopefully she will be this helpful when her sibling arrives.

Anyhow, I have waffled enough I’m not sure how easy it will be for me to update the site over the next month or so, but I will aim for at least one update.  Therefore I am placating you with another large group of photos.  Enjoy and …

Peace and Love