It has been a while

It has been over a month since there has been any activity on this site, and indeed that was just the traditional Bagnall Christmas message.  When I look back over the last few months, if we do not include the Badger Moot and birthday write ups, the last update was on the 27th September entitled ‘So, how are the Baguettes getting on at school?

I have to say, that is somewhat embarrassing.

The pre-Christmas, guess the song lyric, update is missing; the post-Christmas update is missing and indeed the Welcome to the new year update is missing.  That is poor form.  This has been reflected in a serious drop in reader numbers and who can blame you.

I have always said that this blog will always come a poor second to actually spending time with the family, although I have always attempted at least one update a fortnight on average.  Indeed, even when the gaps have increased I have always managed one update in every calendar month since October 2008.  So, with this shadow casting its umbra ever nearer I decided to sit down and squeeze an update in before January 2018 becomes that first month.

So much has happened since September that there is simply too much for me to squeeze in and, in all honesty, I have not got the time this evening to craft such an epic.  This is just a quick note to say I am still here and the project is on going.  I will ‘cheat’, if cheating is what it is, and over the next few weeks try to fill in some of the missing traditional updates.  I will back date them so that they appear in the correct place chronologically, however I will hold my hands up and pre-apologise for the lack of detail in them as my memory isn’t what it used to be.

After those updates have been complete I will once again regale you with tales of the Baguettes, hopefully a lot sooner, a closer in time, to the actual events to which they relate.

Before you begin to worry, there is no nefarious reason for the lack of updates, but as the coming updates will tell there has been a lot happening in the world of the Baguettes.  By way of a preview, the two major factors have been helping Nanny move out of the childhood home of Lucinda and her brothers and settle her in to her new home while at the same time Bagnall manor was going through an upheaval of its own: an extension and new kitchen (this will receive an update of its own).  We were without a kitchen for over two months and have lived, since September in a dusty cardboard box warren as half the house had been packed away including many electronic items to protect them from the fine plaster dust that seems to permeate everything and coat surfaces as quickly as you can wipe them down.  The very computer that I use to update this website was one of those items and hence a lack of updates.

The real reason, you turn up to this website, however, is not the wonderful prose that I craft each fortnight but to look at the photos of the Baguettes, therefore I will not disappoint and below you can see the photos that we had taken a couple of weeks ago when we went to London zoo.  Again, a subject for another day.

So without further ado, I will bid you adieu and promise that it will not be quite as long before the next update.

Peace and Love