Ezra’s Fourth Birthday

There are number of updates throughout the year that you can guarantee will beglamour this corner of the t’interweb.  The Christmas message and the beginning of the year Janus (p)review and then there are the three Baguettes’ birthday write ups.  The first of the birthday write-ups, calendrically if not chronologically belongs to Ezra.  Our third child, and youngest member of our Bagnall enclave has the honour of celebrating his birthday first – a full week before me!

2017 marks the beginning of Ezra entering his fifth orbit around the Sun.  Yes, our little boy is now four years old and this fifth year of his life will see him begin an important step, for he will enter full time education.  However, he does have six months before he needs to worry about that as the academic year does not begin until September; nevertheless it somehow feels that four marks the difference between him being a baby and toddler to becoming a child; not that he has seemed like a toddler for a long time, however, there is still a little part of being a parent (and more so from Lucinda than me) that wants to hold on to these precious years for as long as possible.

As befits someone reaching the grand ol’ age of four, Ezra decided (well, in fairness, he had nothing to do with it, more for our convenience) to stretch his birthday out over the best part of a week.  As you know, Lucinda is a child minder and fortunately one of her wards is one of Ezra’s best friends, therefore with invites sent to his other friends and with me on a rostered day off, the Tuesday before his birthday seemed like the ideal day to have a mini birthday party.  A suitable birthday tea was arranged and the traditional party games of ‘Pass the Parcel’; Pin the tail on the Donkey; Musical Statues and Musical Bumps and the not too traditional birthday party game of Easter Egg Hunt.  We had been fortunate with the weather which meant that the Eggs could be hidden around the garden, with more difficult hiding places for the older children.  There were five eggs for each child and so when their baskets had five eggs in, they were encouraged to help the others find the requisite eggs.  A kind of chocolate communism.

Although we were concerned that the children may get bored with the games, to their credit they all took part with vim and with a break for Birthday Tea and Spiderman birthday cake between the Chocolate Egg hunt and the indoor games and no point were there any cross words and somehow the timing seem to work perfectly with the last of the games ending with the first of the parents arriving.  Another successful children’s party.

The pre-birthday celebrations continued at the weekend.  Ezra shares his birthday week with his Auntie Mary and his Dad.  Ezra’s fourth birthday coincides with his Auntie Mary’s fortieth and a week later his Dad’s forty-fourth (a lot of fours floating about); so with Auntie Mary celebrating such a big birthday it was only right and fitting that we should meet up.

A table was booked at the local restaurant for 1330 on Saturday afternoon.  Therefore, Amélie and then Éowyn could have their swimming lessons before heading up the M40 to the West Midlands.  Fortunately, the traffic was relatively light and although we set out a little later than we had planned, we still managed to arrive at the restaurant at 1310, ten minutes or so before the ‘local’ contingency.

Team Bagnall were joined by, birthday girl: Auntie Mary, Auntie Liz, Nanny Fran and Nanny Fran’s brother my Uncle Michael and his wife Yvonne.  Nanny Fran had brought a birthday cake bedecked with candles for each of the three birthday celebrants.  Nanny Fran had also brought the three of us helium filled balloons:  Ezra’s with a ‘4’ on; Mary’s with a ’40’ on and ‘Happy Birthday’ on mine.  Interestingly, my age can be made by putting Ezra’s and Mary’s balloons together!

On the way into the restaurant Auntie Liz had turned her ankle.  We thought nothing of such an innocuous tumble, but on the return to Nanny Fran’s house it became apparent it was a lot worse than we initially thought.  She was in pain and her ankle was swelling.  Therefore, after Ezra had opened his presents and we had a slice of Auntie Mary’s impressive birthday cake (see the photos below) we encouraged Auntie Liz to go to A&E so I dropped Auntie Liz off with Nanny Fran while Team Bagnall and Auntie Mary stayed behind waiting for news.  While Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz were at the hospital, Ezra enjoyed his presents dressed throughout in his Iron Man costume.

Although it was disappointing not to see Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz for most of the day, it was definitely worth Auntie Liz going to A&E as she had broken a bone in her foot and came back with one of those large plastic boots to protect her foot while it heals.  It was not long after they returned from hospital that we had to head back home so we will have to go back soon to see Nanny Fran and Auntie Liz soon and we wish Auntie Liz a speedy recovery.

After a late night on Saturday and with the foreknowledge that it was Ezra’s actual birthday on Monday, a day when not only the Baguettes all go to their respective schools, but Lucinda has four wards that require looking after and dropping off at school we had a relatively quiet day and made sure that they all went to bed early.

Monday morning, Ezra didn’t wake up particularly early (he is usually the first awake – and usually between 0530 and 0615) but before the 0630 alarm and crept into our room for a birthday cuddle.  The girls woke and joined us and we went downstairs so that he could open his presents before Lucinda’s childminding wards arrived.

Ezra is currently into his superheroes (and Star Wars) and had displayed an envious streak (although not maliciously) regarding his friend’s superhero figure collection.  Therefore, when people asked what he would like for his birthday, we had to divvy up the superheroes, so that he didn’t get duplicates (didn’t quite work but we have receipts).  He did relatively well, adding to his collection of two: Darth Vader (not strictly a superhero – but you can argue he is a marvel character now) and Spiderman, to now being the proud owner of double figured Marvel heroes with the addition of: Hulk, Hulk Buster, Iron Man, Green Goblin (you must have some baddies), Black Panther, Ant Man, Thor and Captain America!  He then exchanged his duplicates and used some of his birthday money to bring Venom (with the sticky-out tongue – his description) and Sandman to the party (and to bring in some baddies for the superheroes to fight), he is already planning on the next superheroes that he needs!  Quite an impressive collection you have to say.

With visits from Uncle Steven on his birthday and Uncle Michael (Lucinda’s brother) a couple of days later he truly has had an epic birthday and he is very blessed to have you all in his life.

Not the greatest selection of photos below, but you have to say that Auntie Mary’s birthday cake for her fortieth is quite impressive!

Peace and Love