Éowyn’s first day back at school

Just a quick update to mark the annual milestone that this is the start of the academic year.  Thursday saw Éowyn return to school and year 2!  Yes our first-born will turn 7 in this school year and enters her final year of infant school (in old money!).  It also sees a change in geography for her as she moves from the small campus that houses the nursery, reception and year 1 classes to the large campus that houses years 2-6.  Thus she has gone from being one of the oldest on campus to being one of the youngest.  It will be interesting to see how she copes with this change in hierarchy.

She seems to have quickly settled into her new class and likes her new teacher, Miss Bernath.  In the first two days she had earned two stickers for good listening and good reading, something that had made her very happy.  It seems that Miss Bernath knows how to incentivise our first-born.  Éowyn is also very happy that she has been placed in the same group as her best friend.  So the nerves that she was having prior to the start of the term have gone and we look forward to a new academic year.

The walk to the larger campus is a little more pleasant than before as there is an entrance to the school in the park at the end of our road.  So to take Éowyn to school we do not have to cross a road.  We simply follow the path into the park and walk across the football field and into the school playground.  We are very fortunate as we know the pain of trying to find a parking space around a school and are very happy not to be part of that mêlée any more.

As you are all waiting for them here are the customary photos of Éowyn on her first day.

Peace and love