Night, night Nan

At 17:40 on Monday 14th October 2013, after a long illness my nan, Doris Beatrice McGinn (née Wyton) finally earned her rest.  She had woke up in the morning asking for her Dad (who had died in 1945) but had seemed in her usual health.  However, just before midday my mom received a call to say that my nan’s breathing had become laboured and they suggested that we come to see her.

So Mom called around and we all dropped what we were doing and heading to Nan’s nursing home in West Bromwich.  For me that included a detour to Woking to pick up my sister Mary before heading up the M40; for my Uncle Michael a journey from deepest darkest Wales.  When we got there Nan seemed to acknowledge us briefly, but that was all the strength she had left and she passed away a few hours later.  Her passing was very sedate.

Although death always comes as a shock, Nan has not been well for many years and we have been prepared for her passing for a while.  She is now at peace and we have our memories of a stoic lady.  For me those memories are of weekends at her home and holidays in Blackpool; Saturday mornings with Nan knitting while shouting at the underhand antics of Skull Murphy and Kendo Nagasaki while cheering on Big Daddy and the best Bread Pudding in Christendom.

Nan may not have been in the best of health the last few years but it always cheered her up when her Great Grandchildren came to visit, although she insisted that she was called Nan rather than Great Grandma as it made her sound too old!

Sleep well Nan you have certainly earned it.