The First Night

The second update in a day!  Now that is unusual.  I trust that you have all voted for your favourite name, if you are reading this before 05:25 (GMT) on Friday 15th March 2013 then you still have time click here to cast your vote.

So for the first time for one of our children (and let us face it probably the only time) our son spend his first night at home.  Éowyn spent her first night in an incubator in ICU away from Lucinda, while Amélie spent hers in a cot at the side of Lucinda’s bed in the Joan Booker ward of St. Peters.  But because junior arrived at Oh my god it’s early in the morning he was able to be discharged by the both the paediatric and midwifery teams and released into the wild.

Nanny Fran also stayed the night to give us a hand and give Nanny and Granddad a night off too so that they could recover from the previous night and looking after the girls.  Éowyn and Amélie convinced Nanny Fran to read them their bedtime stories and Lucinda put her head down while I looked after my son in the lounge.  He had fed continuously from the moment he was born until lunchtime (or at least it felt like that for Lucinda) but then had only had a couple of feeds for the rest of the day.  He had obviously filled up and was waiting for his digestive system to kick in before he needed to eat again.  His digestive system did kick in and the pooey nappy that is the sign that his digestion is working made an appearance.

Lucinda managed a whole 3 hours sleep before I woke her to feed junior.  He fed and I managed just over an hour’s worth of sleep before the first of the sleepless nights that we will no doubt experience over the next few months.  I managed to sneak off a sat away fro everyone with him for a couple of hours but had to wake Lucinda at 04:30 for a feed.  I then passed out while Lucinda fed him.  At 05:15 the girls woke up but thankfully I never heard them and they went downstairs where Nanny Fran looked after them.  Junior then decided that he would finally go to sleep and so Lucinda and I managed to sleep until 07:00.  It seemed like bliss!

As Éowyn and I left the house to go to school a little egret stood on our lawn as if it had flown from Africa to pay its respects to the Bagnall boys – and I thought it was supposed to be a stork that delivered the babies!  Éowyn looked forward to going to school because she was excited to tell everyone that she had a little brother.  I returned home where Lucinda, Nanny Fran and I had a relaxing day with Amélie and junior.  It was nice especially half keeping an eye on the voting of the name that you guys like.  It seemed like a strange idea when I first thought of it but it has seemingly really caught all your imaginations and although junior hasn’t yet got a name I feel that he is a part of all your lives already.

Amélie was a cutie all day and kept requesting to hold her brother.  We thoroughly encouraged this but she is a little heavy handed with her and quickly gets bored holding him but it is all good in the bonding process.  Nanny Fran left in the early afternoon and then I collected Éowyn from school.  The teachers said that she had been tired, I feared that this meant that she had been naughty but no, she had just been quiet and not her usual self.  We put this down to excitement and the fact that she had been awake since 0515.  So we had a quiet afternoon and got them to  bed early.

Dinner (Tea, if you speak English correctly) was provided by Nanny and Granddad who cooked a Shepherd’s Pie for us and used the excuse (not that they need one) to come round for a munch of their latest grandchild.  It is so nice to have them so close and they will see a look of their second grandson.

The girls are in bed and junior is being quiet and all is good with the world.  I leave you with the latest photos, a bumper crop compared to yesterday and ask you to tune in tomorrow for another update (if I can manage it) and to view the results of the name poll.  We will announce the name as soon as we have managed to convince ourselves that we have chosen wisely.

Peace and Love