The 20 week scan

A second update in a week, that doesn’t happen very often.  A second planned update in a week is even rarer.  But when your first child’s birthday is separated by less than a week from your third child’s twenty week scan then one has no option than to write two separate updates.

With the recent medical scares we have had this scan gained an almost sacred reverence.  We knew that the bubba was alive and kicking after the CVS for we saw him on the scan.  We knew that he was alive and kicking after Lucinda’s appendectomy because we heard his heartbeat.  Indeed with the enforced rest that the appendectomy had given Lucinda she had begun to feel the flutters associated with bubba’s movements.  However even with all this reassurance we both wanted to cast our eyes on the little one and make sure once and for all that these intrusions into his mommy have had no effect on him.

So Tuesday morning we headed to Ashford hospital for our scheduled 20 week scan.  The scan was a little uncomfortable for Lucinda as her operation scar is still healing and therefore still a little tender.  The little one was once again a little wiggler and would hardly stay still for the sonographer.  Just to make it a little harder he was hiding behind the placenta and so really made her work for her money.  The sonographer had, obviously, read Lucinda’s notes and so was aware of the CVS and the appendectomy and so she wanted (as did we) to make a thorough, detailed scan of our baby and although our unborn son tried his hardest to make it as difficult as possible for her she was more than up to the task and quickly completed all the measurements that one would expect at such a scan.

The good news is that all the measurements indicated that our unborn son is strong and healthy and currently weighs around 13 ounces (370 grams).  Despite the invasions into his territory he seemingly has been unaffected and not only have our fears been allayed so have those of the medical profession who now only want to see Lucinda as any normal third pregnancy (i.e. not that often).

The below scan is the latest image of our little one, unfortunately because he was hiding behind the placenta it is not very clear, maybe he is a little camera shy.

Peace and Love


Twenty Week Scan
Baguette Number Three, 20 week scan