Back in the routine

When I first begun this website with the birth of Éowyn I promised myself that I would attempt to update this website once a fortnight.  Sometimes those updates are easy, so much has happened and I find it difficult to fit everything in.  And then there are updates such as this.  That is not to say that we haven’t done anything, it is just that there has not been much of note.  So I apologise in advance for any ennui induced by what follows.

The cold and the snows of December seem so far away considering the mild start to 2011 (in the South East of the UK anyway), but not only did it close Heathrow airport for 4 days but also put pay to our NCT group’s Christmas party.  We had booked the soft play area of Egham Leisure centre but due to the snowfall decided it would be better not to risk it that day and fortunately Egham Leisure centre were accommodating enough to re-arrange the date for us.  That date was last Sunday, so we had our final Christmas party on the 6th February!  It was good to see the other dads (the mums get together once a week) but was difficult to strike up any conversation since we always had one eye on what they were doing, or were climbing around the soft play area with them.  For those of you unfamiliar with soft play areas, they are basically 3-dimensional mazes with rope bridges, slides, and slopes all padded for extra safety.  Excellent fun!

Éowyn has been settling into playbox a little better.  Still a little clingy when she is dropped off but has been more chatty and joining in more while she is there.  However overall her behaviour has changed since the start of the year.  Now whether it is the terrible twos kicking in, influences from playbox, jealous over Amélie, the fact that I am back at work or a combination of all four it is impossible to say.  Don’t get me wrong she is not an overly naughty child but she is definitely pushing boundaries.  It is ‘I want’ with no manners, she seemingly has forgotten how to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank-You’.  She even got told off at school for not saying ‘Please’!  Therefore we are employing tough love at the moment and she is not getting anything without asking for it properly.  This has resulting is a number of tantrums and even telling Lucinda: ‘Mommy, I don’t want you anymore, go and put yourself in the bin.’ We thought it was quite an amusing phrase but not that we let her know that!

Amélie has begun to take to eating solid food.  We have begun weaning her early on the dietician’s advice and at first she was struggling to take her baby rice but not any more.  She gobbles her baby rice down but it hasn’t diminished her appetite for her neocate and she is still on her 3 hour cycle.  Baby rice may be a favourite but she isn’t taking to new flavours with the enthusiasm that Éowyn did, but then if you had chronic reflux then maybe you would be wary when trying new foods.  Her weight (6.3kgs (13lb 14oz)) has seemingly settled onto the 25th centile, so our concern over weight loss has lessened but her reflux is still quite bad.  Hopefully after the ultrasound at the beginning of March they will be able to determine what is causing it.  We will keep you updated.

Before I leave you to look at the photos just a quick note about the other love of my life:  West Bromwich Albion.  Roberto Di Matteo has been put on gardening leave and Roy Hodgson has been bought in as Head Coach.  For one game (a disappointing 3-3 draw with West Ham United – we were 3-0 up at half time!) in between appointments an ex-player Michael Appleton was in charge and at 34 became the youngest person to be in charge of a Premier League team, remember that for your pub quiz team.  I had nothing against RDM (we haven’t been in the relegation zone all season) but if Roy can tighten our defence and keep us up he may have a chance to put his tenure at Liverpool behind him.  Come on you Baggies!

Peace and Love