Not the update you were expecting

For those of you that are waiting with baited breath this is  not the update you are waiting for.  It is still 5 days before Lucinda’s due date and if Éowyn is anything to go by then we will still be waiting in the second week of October for our new arrival.

The manic stage at work is slowly calming down and so I am able to spend more time at home.  This isn’t as relaxing as it sounds as we are frantically trying to make the house welcoming for a newborn, hence there will be a dearth of photos with this update but let’s face it, you have been spoilt lately.

Keen eyed among you will have noticed a slightly different look to the website, this is because I have moved it to a friend’s server to give me the ability to do a few more fancy things, should I need to.  It may mean that some of your old links will need to be changed as I will not be updating the original after this update.  I have tried to keep the look the same but there are some subtle differences and one big one.  The Flickr link will randomly show one photo every 7 seconds from the Éowyn set in my Flickr account.  OK, I can tell that I have lost my audience.

Éowyn is still showing signs of precociousness.  Her latest skills include reading.  I say ‘reading’, she recognises the dozen words that her nanny has written on flash cards.  These are:  Mum, Dad, Nanny, Granddad, Éowyn, Cat, Dog, Leg, Cake, Cup, Eye and Hat.   Whether the recognition of words is the same as reading is debatable but we do get her to spell them out at the same time.  I took her to feed the ducks this morning (Ducks! Bread!) and pointed out the difference between mommy ducks and daddy ducks and then she referred to them all, correctly, by gender, a keen ornithologist if ever I saw one.  She has also acquired (borrowed) a pair of binoculars (from her childminder) and sat on the sofa watching the telly through them (the wrong way round!).  Another of her favourite skills at the moment is shouting ‘Stop’ when you are approaching a red traffic light, and ‘Go’ when they turn to green.  Talk about having a backseat driver!  My favourite though, is that she has begun to say, “Boing, Boing! Baggies, Baggies!”  I have undone all that hard work!

Congratulations to Neil and Emma on their marriage on the 10th September.  An excellent couple of days (yes couple of days, ceremony on one and big party on the second!).  They entrusted me with taking the photographs I hope that they have enough usable ones!  And congratulations to Jenny and John on the birth of their second child Jacob.  Hopefully they can give us lots of tips as their first child, Leo is only a couple of weeks older than Éowyn so the age gap is about the same.

I will bid my leave of you now, and hopefully the next time you read an update of this website will be to announce our new family member.  Until then…

Peace and Love