The Big Announcement!

To coincide with the first Mother’s day of the new decade the Bagnall family would like to make a very big announcement:

Lucinda is Pregnant

Yes, we are expecting our second child on 26th September 2010, a few short weeks before Éowyn’s second birthday and a couple of days before my little sister’s 30th birthday!  So will forgive if this update is short and sweet because it is news that should not be buried with one of the usual updates and I will get you up to speed with the general Bagnall news, including flying visits to Nanny Fran in an ‘end of quarter’ post.

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed the changes to the side bar.  Éowyn still has her dedicated page but there is a new one for September’s arrival.

I hope you can forgive the lack of photos of Éowyn in this post but I trust that I can placate you with a copy of the two scans (yes, there is only one baby in there!) below.

Love and Peace

Baggie, Lucinda and  Éowyn

Bagette deux
Bagette deux