Welcome to the family, Willow

Before you all start worrying that Lucinda and I have decided to have a fourth child, you can sit down and relax.  Willow, may be the name of the latest addition to the family, but she is not a child but a cat.

The Bagnalls were not looking for a cat.  The cat was not looking for the Bagnalls.  Yet, Willow, was to become the Bagnalls first cat.  Willow’s story began around Christmas.  A black cat, thin and scrawny looking wandered into my friend’s (Bobby) house during the hiatus betwixt Christmas and New Year’s day.  There had been a house fire further down the street and so Bobby thought that this was a temporary situation until the owners returned.  But they did not return and they did not claim the cat.  That is how it would have stayed except that Bobby wasn’t staying in his house and not wanting the cat to feel abandoned a second time he felt obliged to rehome the cat. Read more

From cats to dinosaurs

I can almost hear what you are thinking: ‘Baggie has begun to lose it since his latest birthday‘.  Not your usual start to the Easter holidays I grant you and not a sentence that the average person would ever utter, yet alone write down, unless it is the third volume in a multi-volume encyclopedia of animals.  Neither is it a merry jape for April Fool but an accurate four word synopsis of the start of the Pascal break. Read more