The end of the summer holidays and a wedding in Norfolk

Incredibly belated, indeed it is not just the end of the summer holidays as we are now, officially, in Autumn.  I thought that last year’s summary of the summer holidays was late, I have surpassed myself this year.  Genuinely, I had second thoughts as to whether I should continue with the write-up as some of the events described below happened nearly two months ago.  However, I know, that a lot of my ‘readers’ are only here for the photos and there are some nice photos so I have decided that I would put the effort in and describe the events that lead to them. Read more

Ezra’s first day at school

On international ‘be late for something dayEzra began his journey through full-time education.  Yes, the youngest of our three children has now reached the age deemed by the UK that compulsory education should begin and thus all three of the Baguettes are at school.  They are growing up too fast! Read more

The girls return to school

The obligatory back to school post.  The start of September is the start of the academic year in the UK and thus the, seemingly never-ending, summer break comes to an end.  The girls’ school broke up a little earlier than many of the schools, with inset days tagged on the end of term.  Their last day was therefore the 18th July and today, 48 days later, the girls returned to the academic life. Read more